Advanced sales opportunities 

Booker Tools improves performance by optimizing sales and increasing revenue. 

Advanced sales opportunities are:

  • Assign price(s) according to the length of stay (LOS price model)
  • Assign price(s) according to the number of people
  • Assign price(s) adjusted to the booking channel
  • Assign price(s) according to booking channel promotions
  • Management of multiple property units of the same type
  • Revenue Manager


Advanced pricing models

Setting prices according to the length of stay (LOS price model)

You can increase the price for a shorter stay and reduce the price for a longer stay.

Take advantage of this smart tool that increases your overall income by reducing the number of unsold days, i.e. avoid days that do not generate income by promoting longer stays, when even a discount on a longer stay earns more.

Moreover, take advantage of the fact that longer stays reduce the number of arrivals of guests, which directly reduces the cost of renting on an annual basis.

 Pricing model based on the number of guests

Booker Tools pricing model allows you to set prices according to the number of people. You can set different policies for each period of the season, regardless of the length of stay.

Set the fixed price per night of stay regardless of the number of people in the high season, and set the price per night of stay depending on the number of people in a low season.

This solution surely optimizes your revenue efficiently across all booking channels.

Property Management of units of the same type

The advantage of this solution is managing the content and sales conditions of property units as one.

If having multiple property units of the same category you will not be obliged to set each property unit separately, it will be configured in the system one time, and it will be sold depending on the number of property units available.

Upload images, descriptions, prices, restrictions, etc. only one time, and the system will automatically apply all characteristics to all active booking channels.

This solution is a time-saver!

Common pricing for all booking channels

Booker Tools features the possibility to adjust sales prices on all merged channels, regardless of their commission fee.

You can define at what price you want to enter the market regardless of the sales policies of the channel, thus achieving equal competitiveness on the market.

Furthermore, you can set the most attractive promotions on selected channels, without reducing the competitiveness of others, as the (attractive) price will be equalized on all booking channels.

Revenue Manager

The revenue is being calculated as the product of the average price and the number of days sold. Revenue Manager directly affects the maximization of the financial result as follows:

Advanced price adjustment

Depending on the dynamics of sales and/or time period, the price regulation will make the financial result better.

Advanced restriction adjustment

Depending on the ”available dates” between active reservations in the calendar, i.e. dates that cannot be sold due to active restrictions and/or policy according to time frame until a certain period, advanced restriction adjustment will achieve additional income and maximum occupancy that will make a difference between the regular and top sellers.


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