Automation tools

Booker Tools saves time and increases business efficiency by automating workflows. 

Automation tools are:

  • Revenue Manager (price automation and restrictions)
  • Automatic payments
  • E-mail templates
  • Guest interface
  • Monthly settlements

Revenue Manager

Automatic price adjustment(s) 

Booker Tools will automatically calculate sales price according to initial sales price for each booking channel separately that you add in the system. 

Automatic restrictions modification(s)

Booker Tools will automatically adjust minimum stay for available dates according to predefined settings, for each accommodation unit.

The Revenue Manager will save you time while optimizing and increasing your revenues.


Automatic payments

Configure payment settings according to your preferences. Set up pre-authorization standards, as well as payments depending on your cancellation policies and additional rules.

Booker Tools can do automatic payment via credit card upon completing the reservation on connected booking channels, including as well your website.

Booker Tools is currently integrated with WSPay systems, Monri Payments…


E-mail templates

Booker Tools allows you to create automated and personalized e-mail templates that will be sent to your future guests. Furthermore, you can create the template that will automatically be sent upon a new reservation, modification, or cancellation (e.g., welcoming guests, family members, payment instructions, etc.)

Sending templates can be configured according to the configured number of days before the check-in date, as well as after the check out of your guest.

You can configure in Booker Tools that 5 days before the arrival and/or 1 day before the arrival the message is being sent to your guest regarding the arrival time. 

Send instructions for efficient and fast check-in, send a destination offer (excursions, transfers, tours, additional services), etc. 

Furthermore, you as a person in charge of the communication or the host can send a reminder for the next day’s arrival to make your communication with guests more smooth, avoiding any complications.

Send the satisfaction questionnaire to your guests via e-mail after their check-in, so you can stay updated on their current needs or upcoming plans regarding excursions, etc. It is recommendable to submit a rating request to your website, social media channels, and/or Google.


Guest interface

Complete and personalised communication with your guest, including automatization of sales of additional services.

Booker Tools provides your guests with their ”personal corner” where they can adjust their arrival time, get all reservation details, check-in details, and house rules. 

This solution provides you with the opportunity for additional income, provides your guests with the additional offer, as well as raising your complete service to a higher level.


Monthly settlements

Booker Tools will provide you with monthly calculations containing all reservations from the previous month with all details. Easy to use solutions will provide you with a complete overview of the previous month.

Monthly settlement solution is designed as:

  • Reservations for which you seek no receivables
  • Reservations for which you seek receivables

If you have receivables for selected reservations, our solution will save your time searching for those.

We are integrated with the “HoloERP” system, which provides creating invoices and sending them directly to debtors.

Integration with other systems is available upon request.


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