Central Calendar

Whether you are managing multiple facilities and/or property units advertising them on multiple booking channels, Booker Tools central calendar will keep all reservations in one place.

The calendar will offer you:

  • An overview of all active reservations
  • Adding and modifying your own reservations
  • Manage actual availability by opening and closing dates

All reservations in one place

To be able to optimize your work efficiently across all channels it is of high importance to have on disposal a clear overview of occupancy with all information for each reservation in one place.

Easy to use and practical overview of occupancy and reservations is today a must-have of every modern Property Manager.

Add new reservation

If having a new reservation that was confirmed via email, SMS, phone call, recommendation, etc, you can simply add it on the calendar by clicking Add new reservation. Information such as personal guest data, booking period, method of payment, special requests of guests, etc. can be fulfilled and saved in the calendar.

All reservations added manually will update the availability in your Booker Tools calendar, and update the status to all active OTA channels.

Availability update

Selected date(s) or period(s) that will not be available for sales can simply be closed via Booker Tools calendar, which will automatically be updated on all active booking channels. It will stay visible in the centralized calendar for your internal use.

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