Direct Booking

Direct Booking is a global trend where the guests prefer to make the reservation directly with the homeowner or the agency managing the accommodation units.

The most common reasons for this preference:

  • possibility of booking at a better price
  • direct communication with the service provider
  • the status of the “homeowner’s” guest
  • support for small businesses

The basic requirement for generating direct bookings is to have its own automated and functional website that provides real-time market prices and calendar availability in real-time that will enable instant reservations.



  • Create your own website according to the content set in your Booker Tools system
  • Using API integration, an existing website can be linked using the iframe components (booking form, calendar, search engine, etc.) 
  • With automatic price synchronization, you can generate more direct reservations by having the best offers on your website
  • Generate additional income by reducing the cost of commission fees charged by other booking channels


Booking automation

  •  Synchronize price(s), restriction(s), and availability both on your website and all other active booking channels from one screen
  • Get instant bookings without inquiries and additional communication with future guests
  • The automatic payment by the credit card further increases the efficiency of completing a reservation through your own website


Booking functionality

Full functionality of the reservation means the reservation that arrives through your website receives all the features of the Booker Tools system, i.e. it will be visible in the centralized calendar, it will be part of the statistics, it will be available for invoicing, registerable via mobile application templates, etc.

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