Advanced sales opportunities

Booker Tools tends to increase revenue and offers through an advanced sales system.

Advanced sales features are:

  • sending prices according to the length of stay (LOS price model)
  • sending prices according to the number of people
  • management of units of the same type
  • sending prices adjusted to booking channels
  • adjusting prices to the most attractive booking channel promotions 
  • sales management*

Sales Manager was developed for the needs of Direct Booker, but it will be soon available for all users of Booker Tools technology as well.

Advanced pricing models

Sending prices by length of stay (LOS price model)

Increasing the price for a shorter stay and reducing the price for a longer stay is possible.

Take advantage of the fact that this smart tool increases overall income by reducing the number of unsold days, i.e. avoid days that do not generate income by promoting longer stays, when even a discount on a longer stay earns more.

Moreover, take advantage of the fact that longer stays reduce the number of arrivals of guests, which directly reduces the cost of renting on an annual basis.

 Pricing model based on the number of guests

Booker Tools pricing model allows users to set prices according to the number of people. You can set different rules for each period of the season, regardless of the length of stay.

For example, set the stable price per night regardless of the number of people in the high season, and settle the price per night depending on the number of people out of season.

This tool has been proven to increase revenue and occupancy thanks to sales at optimal prices, and greater competitiveness throughout the year.

Management of units of the same type

The biggest advantage of this feature is coming from the content management and sales conditions of the same accommodation units.

For example, if you have an object with more than one of the same units, you don’t have to set up and update each unit separately, but manage them all in one place only once!

Upload images, descriptions, prices, restrictions, etc. only for one type of unit, and the system automatically will apply all characteristics to other booking channels.

This way you save a lot of time!

Common pricing for all booking channels

Different booking channels have different commissions and sales rules. Within our system, it is possible to equalize sales prices on all merged channels, regardless of how they display their commission fee.

In this way, you can define at what price you want to enter the market regardless of the rules of the channel, thus achieving equal competitiveness in the market.

It is also possible for you to set the most attractive promotions on certain channels, without reducing the competitiveness of others, because this (attractive) price will be equalized on all booking channels.

Sales Manager

The financial result on the revenue side is the product of the average price and the number of days sold. The sales manager directly influences the maximization of the financial result with the following functionalities.

Advanced price adjustment

Timely and automatic price regulation depending on the dynamics of sales and/or time distance up to a certain period makes the financial result better.

Advanced restriction adjustment

Timely and automatic regulation of restrictions depending on the creation of “empty spots” between active reservations, i.e. dates that cannot be sold due to active restrictions and/or regulation of restrictions according to the time distance until a certain period achieves that extra income and maximum occupancy that makes the difference between regular and top sellers.

Sales Manager was developed for the needs of Direct Booker, but it will be soon available for all users of Booker Tools technology as well.

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