Centralized calendar

Whether you manage multiple facilities and/or accommodation units and whether reservations for them come from different booking channels, a centralized calendar will keep all reservations under control.

The centralized calendar offers you:

  • view of all reservations in one place
  • entering and managing own reservations
  • updates of actual availability¬†

All reservations in one place

The current short-term rental market is being managed by several booking channels. For the optimal organization of your business, it is extremely important to have in disposal a clear overview of occupancy and details of each reservation all in one place.

A simple, smart, and practical overview of occupancy and reservations is the standard of every modern vacation rental owner, which saves a lot of time. Timing and planning are extremely important in this kind of business.

Enter your own reservations

If you have a reservation that did not come through connected booking channels but through another channel (such as e-mail, SMS, call, relatives recommendation, etc.), simply enter it manually as a new reservation with all its details (such as personal guest data, booking period, method of payment, special requests of guests, etc.).

In this way, this manually entered reservation will update the actual availability on all booking channels and will acquire all the functionalities of the Booker Tools system, such as visibility within the centralized calendar, statistical outcome, invoicing, automatic e-mail replies, etc.


Update availability

All periods that you decide to not rent, you can just simply close through the Booker Tools system and they will be automatically updated on all booking channels and will become visible in the centralized calendar for your internal use.

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