Centralized communication

Gather entire communication in one place, regardless of which booking channel guests used for booking, and thus significantly speed up communication with them.

Moreover, sort messages regarding priority, i.e. day of arrival, in order to assist future guests on time with maximum flexibility and comfort.

Integration API

Due to the fact that you manage sales through several booking channels, and that guests often have additional questions, communication with them requires logging in to the booking channel through which the reservation arrived and potentially in a separate profile of each accommodation unit (if you are administering multiple profiles).

Booker Tools gathers whole communication to one place, what further speeds you up and saves you a lot of time.

This functionality is currently available for Airbnb and soon will be working for Booking.com as well.

Ticketing system

For all other booking channels that do not have the possibility of API integration, we have developed a “ticketing” system, i.e. an advanced organizer that prioritizes guest’s messages (by arrival date) thus ensuring that the most urgent e-mails are answered as first.

With the support of ticketing, you can keep guest satisfaction at a high level, and in addition to good organization, entire communication is fast available to manage within the API integration.

Available on request.

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