Channel Manager

Using Channel Manager is a basic prerequisite to reach success in short-term rental vacation business. Terms such as overbooking, manual closing of calendars, individual price changes, and restrictions in each separate booking channel are not existing anymore for users of Channel Manager.

Functionalities of Booker Tools Channel Manager:

  • Automatic synchronization of reservations on the world’s largest booking channels
  • Automatic synchronization of reservations, inventory (prices, restrictions, availability)
  • Automatic content synchronization (photos, descriptions, unit contents…)

Connect with the world’s most famous booking channels with the help of our channel manager by sending all inventory and content from the system, supported by the LOS pricing model and many other advanced functionalities that tend to increase your final revenue.

Two-way XML connection

Automatic synchronization of reservations, inventory (prices, restrictions, and availability) and content (photos, description, guiding content of units…) from the Booker Tools system is possible for:

  • Booking.com
  • Airbnb
  • Expedia
  • TripAdvisor
  • HomeAway / VRBO
  • Agoda
  • E-domizil
  • HomeToGo
  • Hostel World (no content)
  • Hotel Beds (no content)

Sync inventory and content for Trip.com and Google coming soon.


One-way iCal connection

Regarding other booking channels, Booker Tools supports a one-way iCal connection which synchronizes the availability from the Booker Tools calendar to these channels.


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