Finance and Business Analysis

Managing and controlling finances from one place, as well as business analysis for each accommodation unit separately or the entire company based on arbitrarily selected criteria, is an attractive option on how to successfully manage short term rental properties. Every well-organized facility/company manager will definitely appreciate this solution.

Financial Management

With managing finances from one single place, Booker Tools system will save your time and allow you more transparent business. You can create a separate account for each reservation:

  • Print out created invoice and/or send it to the guest via email
  • Created invoices are sorted chronologically by date
  • The system offers the possibility of automatic fiscalization of created accounts through integration with the systems “HoloERP” and “Etrend”

Integration with other systems is available on request.

Business analysis

One reservation is defined as 30 data.

Select your preferences according to which you want to make business analysis; select all reservations or one reservation separately as well as facilities.

Reservations can be sorted out according to sales period or following parameters:

  • date of arrival
  • date of departure
  • date of last modification
  • date of a completed booking

Afterwards, you can refine statistic by selecting all or some of the following criteria:

  • sales channels
  • ways of payment
  • billing status
  • the validity of the reservation

Financial Analysis

The statistical overview of the selected analysis for each accommodation unit or the company shows the individual and the total statistical overview.

  • Total charge by the guest
  • Total retained margins
  • Total payment for the owner

Furthermore, margin can be divided as the fixed costs, such as booking channel commission (eg Booking.com, AirBnb, Expedia, etc.), financial transaction cost, external service fee (eg check-in and / or cleaning fee, etc.).

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