Owner interface

This tool is intended for agencies, ie users who manage accommodation units for others within a business model in which the owners have an insight into reservations, occupancy, prices, etc.

Owner interface tool offers owners of facilities a possibility of independent entry into the system and access to certain information, and the possibility of using certain functionalities significantly relieves the agency and increases the level of service and transparency towards the owner of the accommodation unit.

Booker Tools provides developed interfaces for other users of the system, such as the person/service for check-in, administrator, employee, with precisely defined visibility and use of the system.

Owner independence

  • Have in disposal a view of all reservations, prices and accommodation units availability, all in one place.
  • Enter and automatically update your own reservations (if your work model allows it)
  • Update availability, i.e. by closing unavailable dates

Functional check-in

  • Fast check-in via the mobile app is something that modern vacation rental owners will surely appreciate (if they are the ones doing the check-in)
  • Issue invoice to guest from the system – simply and without any paperwork (if will be such a need in your work model)

Awareness of owner

View reservations by booking date, arrival, departure, or change date with all booking details. You determine which of them you want to assign to the vacation rental owners.

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