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Award-winning technology

The greatest advantage of using Booker Tools platform is that it was developed by Direct Booker, our world-renowned agency for short-term rental accommodation. Our Channel Manager & PMS system offers all functions one private accommodation renter may need.

We have developed easy to use solutions for our private accommodation renters that can be well used by all other users such as rental agencies, camps, hostels, as well as vacation rental owners. 

We are constantly investing in improving our current solutions and new solutions in development.

As trends are evolving, so should the technology.

The core of Direct Booker brand is the Booker Tools platform with:

  • 22 franchise partners in 9 countries
  • Over 7 000 accommodation units
  • Over 100 000 reservations per year.

Booker Tools is recognized and awarded by:

  • Airbnb Preferred Software Partner 2018
  • Booking.com Advanced Connectivity Partner 2019
  • No.1 Connectivity Partner 2020 for Expedia
  • Shortyz World Best OTA / Online Platform 2020


Forget overbookings and leave all manual work in the past by using proven and advanced technology that makes a difference.

Channel Manager

Using Channel Manager is a basic requirement for developing successful short term rental vacation business.

Overbookings, manually closing calendars for every active sales channel, modifying prices separately, as well as modifying restrictions separately for every sales channel will not be occurring any more when using Booker Tools Channel Manager.

Booker Tools Channel Manager solutions:

  • Automatic synchronization of reservations across all booking channels
  • Automatic inventory synchronization such as prices, restrictions, and the availability
  • Automatic content synchronization such as photos, titles, descriptions, accommodation unit details and others

Automation tools

Our channel manager is time saving and efficiently optimizing business across all channels.


  • Sales manager* (includes automation of both prices and restrictions)
  • Automatic payments*
  • Email templates*
  • Guest interface*
  • Monthly reports*

*Solutions mentioned above were developed for the purpose of Direct Booker company, soon available for all Booker Tools users. 

Advanced sales opportunities

Our channel manager improves performance by optimizing sales and by increasing revenue. 

  • Assign price(s) according to length of stay (LOS price model)
  • Assign price(s) according to number of people
  • Assign price(s) adjusted to the booking channel
  • Assign price(s) according to booking channel promotions
  • Management of multiple units of the same type
  • Sales Manager*

*Solutions mentioned above were developed for the purpose of Direct Booker company, soon available for all Booker Tools users. 

Direct Booking*

  • Automatically create your own website or link your existing website to Booker Tools system
  • From one screen synchronize price(s), restriction(s), and availability both on your website and all other active sales channels
  • Avoid  commission fee(s) from other sales channels by generating more direct reservations
  • With automatic price synchronization you can generate more direct reservations by having best offers on your website
  • Upon making the reservation automatic payment via credit card is being done
  • Instant bookings without inquiries and additional communication with future guests.
  • Full functionality of the reservation: visible in the main calendar, statistics, issuing invoices to guests directly, adding notes, registering via mobile application, automatized communication with the guest, etc.)

*Solutions mentioned above were developed for the purpose of Direct Booker company, soon available for all Booker Tools users. 

Mobile application

Our Booker Tools Mobile App allows you to manage all accommodation units from your smartphone. 

Booker Tools can be used:

  • via web application (easy-to-use and adapted to a computer screen or laptop)
  • via mobile app

Our mobile application features :

  • both calendar and the list with all existing reservation
  • adding reservation details
  • availability updates
  • advanced guest registration solution by using a document scanner

* additional functionalities, such as price and restriction modifications, statistics, centralized communication, etc.

Download Booker Tools Mobile App for your iPhone or Android device!

Owner interface

If you are managing accommodation units from multiple renal owners, assign personal input data for each owner separately, for him/her to follow system functionalities:

  • An overview of all reservations, prices, and the availability
  • Add and update your own reservations in the calendar
  • Update availability by opening or closing selected dates in the calendar
  • Guest(s) check-in via Mobile application
  • Issue invoices directly from Booker Tools system
  • Add additional notes for each reservation if necessary

Developed interface for all users of our system, including guest/service check-in, administrators, or employees with a defined allowance or restrictions to use.

Customer support and consulting

Booker Tools is more than just technology or software.

Our customer support consists of professionals who, based on many years of experience in working in the short-term rental business, offer consultation, and constant customer support.

Working with us will provide you advanced sales opportunities, professional customer support, and maximum revenue streams.

Contact us to learn more about our technology and solutions. Make your business more efficient. 

For all inquiries we stay on your disposal.

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