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Booker Tools Property Management System allows agencies and private vacation rental owners to manage their sales and bookings with the goal of increasing revenue.

With the help of tools such as channel manager, booking engine, invoice manager, reservation manager, automatic guest logins to eVisitor, email templates you have everything to complete the sale.

From one place you create the entire sale of your units to the world’s most famous channels such as Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb… This way you avoid the possibility of overbooking and save time.

Channel Manager

Automation tools

Booker Tools supports the sending of automated emails created at the request of the user, which are sent from the system to the guest at the time of booking, modification of the reservation and cancellation.

The system has the ability to set up emails that are sent at the time of booking, modification or cancellation. Notifications of all changes are received by the user and the persons listed in the contact list.

Owner interface

The user of the Booker Tools system as an administrator has the possibility to assign a certain object the role of “owner of the accommodation”. In this way, it allows the owner to view the reservations of the facility, enter new reservations with all the data and the ability to change the availability in the calendar.

The owner of the accommodation can also register guests via the mobile application. At any time, the owner has access to the invoices issued to guests through the system.

Mobile application

In addition to the web application, Booker Tools also supports the mobile application.

Track reservations, arrival / departure times, and guest details – all within one system. The user can change the availability and enter reservations in the calendar.

Don’t waste any more time typing guest data manually. Speed up the guest check-in process by scanning documents in just a few seconds.

Download the Booker Tools mobile app today!

Direct Booking

Direct Booking allows you to receive instant bookings directly through your website.

The guest selects the type of accommodation unit and creates a new reservation according to predefined conditions of sale. Availability is automatically synchronized on all other connected channels. All online reservations are processed automatically, and data are entered into the Booker Tools system and calendar.

The newly created reservation closes the availability of the unit in the Booker Tools central calendar, and sales on all merged sales channels. This way the possibility of overbooking is avoided!

Consulting and customer support

Booker Tools is more than just technology and systems.

Our team consists of professionals and experts who, based on many years of experience in working with private vacation rental owners and technology, offer consulting and customer support services. Partnering with us means working together to improve your business and increase revenue.

Contact us to learn more about our technology and to make your business more efficient. We are at your disposal for any questions related to the Booker Tools system and usage.

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