Direct Booker Team has developed PMS (Property Management System) based on many years of experience in short-term rental business and cooperation with vacation rental owners, agencies, hostels, and camps.

Our technology consists of the booking and operating system in the website version and professional application suitable for mobile devices.

Tools enable automatic synchronization of prices, updates of restrictions and actual availability on the world’s leading booking channels, receiving direct reservations via own website, fast guest registration via mobile app, creating and issuing invoices to guests directly from the system, constant customer support, and many other useful features…


Channel Manager

Automatic synchronization of prices, restrictions and availability

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Centralized calendar

Track reservations and availability from one place

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Centralized communication

Communicate with guests from the Booker Tools system

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Automation tools

Save time and increase business efficiency

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Advanced sales opportunities

The difference between a regular and a TOP seller 

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Direct Booking

Take full advantage of your own website  

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Mobile app

The most important functionalities are fast available on the way

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Finance and Business Analysis

Manage accounts and statistics from one place

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Owner interface

Gives facility owners insight into the system

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